Bluffview is a prestigious neighborhood valued for its rolling hills, prime location and distinct terrain features, many of which were formed from the streams and tributaries of Bachman Creek. The area inherited its name for a famous point that boasts a 50-ft. drop down to a tributary of Bachman Creek, making the views from this overlook appreciated by visitors and residents alike. The neighborhood was originally developed as Bluff View Estates by developer John P. Stevens, also responsible for Stevens Park in Oak Cliff. In 1924, he bought a 215 acresdairy farm along Bachman Creek and developed the land into 1 acre lots. Dallas took possession of the area in 1943. The many other cliffs overlooking Bachman Branch and its tributaries, as well as the gently rolling hills, towering trees and traversing creeks has made this one of the most sought-after and exclusive neighborhoods in Dallas.


Bluffview’s rolling hills and distinctive Architecture make it one of Dallas’s premier neighborhoods. Original estate homes are being restored and new contemporary homes are being built which enhance the overall ambience of the area.

who lives here

Bluffview is comparable in price to the Estate homes area in Old Preston Hollow.

“Socialites and Upper Echelon.”
Empty-nesters to young families, CEO’s to Senators and people seeking privacy.  Bluffview is perfect for people who appreciate exclusive architecture and want anidyllic setting.

how they live

Bluffview neighbors enjoy the charm and easygoing feel of the area.

“The Living is Easy.”
Gracious homes are set on hilltops and contemporary architects embrace the terrain, creeks and ravines as dramatics for the modern homes they design.  Renovation of older homes, new homes and expanding boundaries of very desirable areas has increased the interest in Bluffview.


Bordered by Northwest Highway to the North, Lovers Lane to the South, Midway Road to the West and Inwood Road and Devonshire to the East.


You Will Fall In Love With

The quiet and elegance of Bluffview’s rolling hills and unique topography. These are people who’ve worked hard to get to this neighborhood. Now that they’re here, they’d like to enjoy themselves, and while maybe once that enjoyment meant being first in line for the newest cocktail bar opening, now it means something quieter and longer-lasting.

housing market

“Not Your Starter Home.”
Let’s be clear about this, there aren’t as many opportunities to break into the Bluffview market as there are in other neighborhoods in Dallas. With prices ranging from $500,000 for a small lot to upwards of $15 million, it is not affordable for most people.  


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what to expect

The elegance of “old” Bluffview mixed with a bustle of “new” Bluffview; re-gentrification and familiarity.  

High Class Living.
Bluffview is an established neighborhood comprised of Estate homes and smaller cottages. Most of the people who’ve made it to Bluffview got there knowing what to expect. They came expecting stunning mansions and large family homes brimming with original features and charm, and they were not disappointed. It is undergoing the process of gentrification but it is serene and uber quiet at its core.You may not know your neighbors if you live in Bluffview, for that reason you may enjoy a level of anonymity.

what not to expect

Bluffview is not a good location if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.  

Not for the Urbanite.
Bluffview is sought out for its privacy.  It is not convenient for walking to retail or restaurants.  Don’t expect your neighbors to be throwing a wild party at 2am on a Saturday, unless its catered and the Mayor was invited.

perfect for

Large, successful families, doctors, business professionals, city dwellers who like to be removed from the action, enthusiasts of very large homes, remodelers, old money, gardeners, casual pedestrians, business titans who prefer to stay under the radar.

not perfect for

Entry-level buyers, nightlife lovers, high-profile industrialists, nouveau riche who crave a Bluffview address, DART commuters, singles, chain store enthusiasts, people who don’t need a large house with a backyard.